Know Which Dressings to Use on Common Wounds

In ancient times regular wound dressings made from cotton, linen, or hemp and medicated with herbs or spice infused wines, tinctures or liniments were employed for any type of wound irrespective of its nature or severity. Because of this ‘universal’ application, the chances of full, unhindered recovery proved to be extremely unpredictable, and in most cases where misapplication occurred, even impossible. Modern dressings on the other hand possess specific qualities that allow them to be employed for specialised purposes, with a dressing developed for every imaginable condition or injury. Here are the most basic dressings you can employ for common wounds and injuries:

Simple Dressings You Should Always Have On-Hand

For clean wounds and abrasions – fixation sheets like Hypafix and Mefix, which helps to keep the wound sealed while providing superior waterproofing, or dry dressing like Mepitel for less demanding applications.

For soiled grazes, puncture wounds, bites and other abrasionsMepitel dry dressing, which helps to absorb exudate from contaminated wounds. Dry dressings are easily replaced for superior sanitation, and are breathable enough to allow for faster wound healing. Dry dressing is likewise versatile enough to be employed for animal bites or minute puncture wounds.

For minor burns – fixation sheets may be employed to keep the burns protected from further damage while it heals. To aid in pain relief and to hasten recovery, hydrocolloid dressing may be employed in lieu of fixation sheets.

For chronic wounds and open ulcerations – for chronic open wounds or ulcerated wounds (such as bed sores), hydrocolloid dressings like Comfeel which acts like a sanitised and medicated ‘seal’ should be helpful. Calcium Alginate dressings like Kaltostat may be used if there is a need to dry out the wound, while foam dressings like Mepilex may be necessary if extra cushioning or protection from further injury is necessitated.

For infected or slough covered wounds – infected wounds require additional care in order to heal effectively. Employing hydrocolloid dressing such as Comfeel to create a protective medicated barrier around the wound is one of the easiest options. For wounds with high exudate which requires some measure of absorption or drying, Calcium Alginate dressings like Kaltostat are preferred. Both are likewise ideal for the treatment of slough covered wounds and may type of moist or oedemic injuries.

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