The Best Alternative Remedies for Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are commonly treated with the help of specialised topical or oral medications that help to alleviate or totally inhibit the inflammatory response of an individual’s skin. Other methods of treating both diseases may involve the use of topical anti-fungal ointments or creams in order to address the possibility of a fungal infection as the causation of the disease. While all of these remedies are considered commonplace and even advocated by a number of health-care professionals, there are better options that do not require so adamant a dependence on medication, especially in the case of psoriasis which is a lifelong disease which requires management rather than a solid cure.

For individuals who wish to live more holistic or wholesome lifestyles or people who suffer from too many chemical allergies and genetic sensitivity to non-hypoallergenic synthetic cures, alternatives may likewise be the only viable option for proper management of the disease. Here are three of the best alternative remedies for eczema and psoriasis that every household should have:

Psoriasis and Eczema Remedies Everybody Should Know Of

Coconut oil – coconut oil is a readily available, cheap, and extremely potent (albeit somewhat messy) remedy for eczema and psoriasis. Applied topically to the affected area, it acts like a natural emollient by helping to moisturise dry or inflamed skin while treating the symptoms of redness, itchiness, and scaling that typifies psoriasis and eczema. With its ability to seep into the skin and provide superior deep-moisturisation, coconut oil with its inherent antimicrobial properties is perfect for night-time applications that necessitate deep moisturising for the day ahead as standard management for each respective ailment.

Aloe vera gel – pure aloe vera gel possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties and likewise hastens skin healing. Known since ancient times as a soothing and cooling emollient, it is perfect for daytime application, as it not only helps to combat the prickling and burning sensation associated with eczema, but also helps to prevent skin from drying out or breaking out due to the heat of the sun. Its cooling properties is definitely preferred as the first line of treatment for a burning itch or severely itchy scaling, since it is hypoallergenic and provides a protective layer of coolness that helps to prevent further breakouts.

Epaderm – technically a medicated form of eczema and psoriasis treatment, Epaderm cream and Epaderm ointment both provide the same emollient effects as aloe vera gel and coconut oil, but with both the cooling and deep-moisturisation benefits actually combined in one easy-to-use and ease-to-carry product. If you’re looking for something handy that you can always take with you in your purse, backpack satchel or briefcase, this is the right product for you.
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